Fox Host Greg Gutfeld Slams Trump Supporters: Their Chant ‘Distorted’ Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Remarks

‘The chanters there are like the media’


GUTFELD: “He did not say this, so this is important part. Trump — the chanters there are like the media in that they took his words and they turned it into something he didn't mean. Remember, he said go home, fix it and come back and show us how. What they did is exactly what the media did was they just heard deport, and unfortunately, whether you're in a rock band or a professional team or a politician, you can't choose your fans. And you can't control their behavior. You'd like to and maybe he should, maybe he should have been faster, say stop that, maybe he should have but he didn't. But I know that you can't be — you can't answer to things that are out of your control. And the media will always pick these things, of course, these — and to your point, are these things as bad as a violent attack on an ICE — "

(Via Mediaite)

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