Chris Cuomo: My Grandparents Were Afraid of People Like Trump

‘They were afraid of people and being judged and told to go back’


CUOMO: “Is it getting to me. It hits close to home. To be honest. My grandparents were afraid of people like Trump. Ironically they grew up very close to one another. Where Trump grew up is blocks from where my grandparents finally made some advantage but they were afraid of people and being judged and told to go back and called unclean and left in the ghetto. Where all the imgrapts were together like mud. And I remember them. I remember what it was like. My father you didn’t get to know him enough. You would have loved him. He made a joke that I was the first white guy in the family. We finally made it. He’s got lighter colored eyes and went to the good school. We’re white now we made it.”

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