Tucker: Pete Buttigieg Claiming He’s a Victim of Racism Is ‘Greatest Story of the Year’

‘America is racist says Pete Buttigieg’

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BUTTIGIEG: “The democratic presidential race. You’ve got to be a victim, or you can’t compete. Both parents were IBM executives executives. Went to Yale law school. Others, like Joe Biden have found themselves on the wrong side. Vitamins now described as and a purse are. He went to Harvard how can he possibly claimed to be a victim? Or repressed. Pete is a victim of racism. Ha, you say? As an immigrant and a citizen, my dad cared deeply about this country. A passing student notice, dads brown skin and unique accent, called out “Go home. He answered, “I am home.” Even Pete Buttigieg’s dad, who seems pretty European, really was a professor at Notre Dame, yet even he couldn’t escape America’s all-consuming racism. That’s the most important thing for you to know. America is racist says Pete Buttigieg. Hateful and racist and he has been a victim of that racism. You know what, you can atone for that racism by making the president. That’s his pitch.”

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