Sanders: ‘Mid-West Was Decimated’ by NAFTA, PNTR and Biden Voted for It

‘Michigan, Wisconsin ... were decimated by these terrible trade agreements’


SANDERS: “Joe was a strong supporter of NAFTA and PNTR with China. How it that going to play in the Midwest which was decimated, in Michigan, Wisconsin, other sites which were decimated by these terrible trade agreements? Do I think that the workers in those states are going to feel very kindly to a guy who supported those agreements? But it’s not just trade. Let me just briefly talk about some of the differences between Joe and myself. Joe voted for the war in Iraq. I did everything that I could. I not only voted against that war; I did everything that I could to see that we did not get into that war which turned out to be the worst foreign policy blender in the modern history of this country. Joe voted for the deregulation of Wall Street. I helped lead the effort against that. That lead in my view to the Wall Street collapse of 2008 and the incredible pain that that caused for the American people. I voted against that bailout. There was going to be a bailout and I wanted the billionaire class that help caused the problem to pay for it, not working families. So, you know, the differences between Joe and me on foreign policy, on domestic policy, is pretty significant. More importantly, our vision for the future of this country is very different and voters will end up taking a look at I records, taking a look at our ideas for the future."

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