Fox News Anchor Calls Out Megan Rapinoe: A ‘Shame’ She ‘Doesn’t Have the Courage’ to Meet with Trump

‘She could instantly impact change’


FRANCIS: "So when I saw her on Meet the Press I thought she has a very rare and precious golden opportunity to go to the White House and speak face-to-face with the President and ask him for some specific policy to help any group of people she wants to. Whoever she wants to identify with, she has a golden opportunity to have a one-on-one audience. And it is a shame to me that she doesn’t have the courage to do that. Because she could instantly impact change. And when she was asked that question on Meet the Press, she said it would take about 50 policy reversals. She doesn’t feel like he would go far enough for her to feel differently about him. How does she know? How does she know what he won’t do? She needs the courage to go and ask for something specific, she has that opportunity and almost no one else does. What a waste."

(Via Mediaite)

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