CNN: Biden Unveils New Healthcare Plan

‘That’s really the key difference here, is that Biden wants to keep and strengthen ObamaCare’


DEAN: “Let’s break down what Vice President Biden is proposing here, two big components that you'll see right here. Federal subsidies to make ObamaCare exchanges cheaper. Public option program similar to Medicare. It also allows to Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Those top two are the big ones. Let's really dig into those. Federal subsidies to make ObamaCare exchanges cheaper. What that's going to do is allow to supplement some of these families that have been caught in the middle here that the criticism of ObamaCare is too expensive. This is going to allow a family of four making $110,000 to save about $750 a month. They’re also going to support gold plans versus silver. A gold plan is going to let you have a lower deductible. Now, breaking down that public option, then you’re going to be able to put in people who are in Republican-led red states that were not able to get — they did not expand Medicaid. So now they’re going to be enrolled in this public option. Also if you have health insurance you don’t like, you can join the public option. But if you start reading these, Alisyn and John, what you’ll notice is this is a lot of what they wanted originally with ObamaCare when they first proposed all of this. That’s not what they ultimately got, but the Biden campaign really wants come back, they want to strengthen ObamaCare, they want to catch some of these people that they know are either paying too much that it’s not that they have health insurance and they can really afford it or people like those people in those states that didn’t expand Medicaid that aren’t able to have health insurance. So this really a contrast with some of these other more liberal candidates that want to go more toward Medicare for all. That’s really the key difference here is that Biden wants to keep and strengthen ObamaCare."

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