Hickenlooper Defends Protesters Replacing American Flag with Mexican Flag at ICE Center: ‘Freedom of Speech’

‘That freedom is something we as Americans should recognize and say that’s part of our freedom’

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VITTERT: "Let’s get to this that happened in the state of Colorado. This was the demonstration on Friday at the I.C.E. Facility where they pull down the American flag and what appears to be an upside down the spray-painted American flag and then the Mexican flag over the I.C.E. Facility. It doesn’t get much more Progressive and radical than that. Is that is something that has a moderate needs to be condemned?"
HICKENLOOPER: "I certainly respect the American flag in my whole life I have been fighting to make this country and to make sure that this country welcomes everyone and that the flag represents everyone. I’m old enough I remember when people were burning the flag in protest of the Vietnam War. Amazing thing about this country is we are the one place on Earth where that level of freedom of speech is still protected so I may not approve of it, but I think that freedom is something we as Americans should recognize and say that’s part of our freedom."

VITTERT: "I appreciate walking the line and as you point out there is a way to say I defend your right to do it, but I find the behavior of torrent. Are you willing to say doing that ripping down the American flag over a facility in running up the Mexican flag is wrong? Does it send the right message?"
HICKENLOOPER: "I think there are better ways to unite us. You will find a— all kinds of things— but it’s not a question of whether you are Progressive or a moderate I feel like the Progressive things with, pushed in Colorado, I’m an extreme moderate they are very Progressive. Go ahead.

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