MSNBC: NBC News Poll Shows 46% of Black Dems Support Biden

‘Clearly Joe Biden according to the polls has a significant lead’

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GEIST: "Yeah, you’ll start to wither if you’re not in that top five, as you said, because the money dries up. I mean, if you’re Amy Klobuchar or Cory Booker, you're a well-known United States senator and you’re sitting below Andrew Yang, you have to be discouraged and your donors have to be discouraged. If you’re Beto O’Rourke and you’re on the cover of 'Vanity Fair' and you have all this national attention in your Senate race and you're tied with with Andrew Yang, you have to be discouraged. But if you’re Elizabeth Warren and ypu're at 19% and nipping at the heels of Joe Biden right now, you have to be incredibly encouraged with where you are. And also we'll look inside some of these numbers. Joe Biden has to be happy about some of the cross-tabs. If you look right here, among African-American voters, he has almost — on the right column, African-American voters, a 30-point lead almost over Kamala Harris. Rev, if you look at what he has been through over the last couple of weeks with the comments about segregationist senators, busing, which Kamala Harris turning and looking, confronting him during the debate in Miami, it appears for the most part African-American voters have stayed with him for now."

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