Dan Bongino Defends Alex Acosta: The Federal System He Was Working in Doesn’t Work Like the State System

‘Geraldo is right, there has been some decent journalism but some of it is displaced’


BONGINO: “The story is really beyond grotesque. When you read the details, and you don’t need to be a parent. Being a parent, makes it even worse. And he saying them a sense in being reading these details is completely horrified. The other thing about this case, it’s really bothersome. Geraldo is right, there has been some decent journalism but some of it is displaced. This criticism of Acosta, Trump Trump’s cabinet secretary, Alexander Acosta. It was the case prosecuted well? Was a sentence lenient? People don’t understand, the federal system Acosta was working in as a United States person he , attorney for southern Florida, there is no specific federal sex crime charge that works like a state charge.”

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