Don Lemon to Rick Wilson: Don Jr. Agrees with You That Trump Will Win This Dem Party Civil War

‘Donald Trump Jr. and I don’t agree on a whole lot in this world’


LEMON: “Do you know who else agrees with you? Donald Trump Jr. He put out an op-ed entitled “Donald Trump will win the Democratic Party civil war.” He claimed it won’t be division, per se, but exists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are in charge of setting the party agenda. So how do you feel that, you know, you and Donald Trump Jr. Agree?”

WILSON: “Well, Donald Trump Jr. And I don’t agree on a whole lot in this world, but somebody wrote that editorial. I’m doing this out of concern. He’s just doing this out of straight up trolling. Because they’re in a mode of trying to stoke this further. And, look, Donald Trump will elevate people that they — that they believe are going to do harm to the party’s long-term image. Look, when Ted Cruz came along in 2012, there were a lot of Republicans who lost their minds and thought he was the second coming and basically he became this force inside the party that was a big divider.”

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