Kirsten Powers to David Urban: ‘Interesting’ to Hear that You Agree with Obama Deporting 1.6 Million Illegals

‘It’s something I think was inhumane when President Obama was doing it and I think it is inhumane now’


POWERS: “Right. Well, I mean, in terms of the deporting them, President Obama was actually criticized by the Hispanic community, by many people. I wrote many columns criticizing his immigration policy. So I don’t think just because President Obama did something means it was the right thing to do and it’s interesting to hear David making that argument. It’s something I think was inhumane when President Obama was doing it and I think it is inhumane now. You may remember the Hispanic community actually referred to President Obama as the deporter in chief. It actually was quite an issue for many people on the left. In terms of them not showing up for their court dates, basically, studies have found that if you give people that come to this country, when they come over the border, remember a lot of them don’t speak English or maybe only have like a high school education. If you give them a lawyer or you give them some sort of — the court appoints someone to sort of help them through the process, 90% of them show up for their court dates. There is a very good chance a lot of these people are going to be — have their families completely traumatized here shortly if this happens. Or people who just didn’t understand that they were supposed to show up. So treating them like they’re criminals because they may have missed a court date I think is completely wrong headed.”

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