Trump: They Ask ‘How Many Toilets Do You Have?’ The Only Thing We Can’t Ask Is ‘Are You a Citizen?’

‘Sir, you can’t ask that question?’

TRUMP: "Wilbur Ross. Wilbur? We have a meeting in a little while on the census and citizenship. Can you believe? Are you a citizen of the United States of America? Sir, you can’t ask that question. Why? Because the court said you can’t. We have three very unfriendly courts. They fight us all the way. The judges don’t like us too much, I guess, but think of that, Herman. Think of that question. Are you a citizen? We spend — this is another thing that's so crazy. $20 billion on the census, $20 billion. They spent $20 billion. I said, 20 billion what? $20 billion on a census. They go through houses. They go up, they ring doorbells, they talk to people. How many toilets do they have? How many desks, many beds. What's their roof made of. The only thing we can’t ask is are you a citizen of the United States. It’s the craziest thing. $20 billion. Pretty amazing."

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