CNN Panel Slams McGrath’s Kavanaugh Flip-Flop: ‘Nightmare,’ ‘This Is Just a Disaster’

‘I’m not sure what was worse, being for Kavanaugh or having to flip so quickly and say you weren’t’


Today’s headlines back home: A campaign nightmare. Here's the 'Courier-Journal': 'Would Amy McGrath have voted Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court? Depends on when you ask her.' There are some things a candidate gets a pass on in the minutiae of policy. You’re running for Senate against Mitch McConnell. You’ve got to have an answer on Brett Kavanaugh. That’s campaign 101, right?"
HULSE: "If you’re running against Mitch McConnell, judges is the thing you’re going to want to be talking about. What a disaster. This is just a disaster. I’m not sure what was worse, being for Kavanaugh or then having to flip so quickly and say you weren’t."
KING: "You’re not going to raise any national Democratic money if you’re for Kavanaugh, and that’s her only hope."
HULSE: "And she had raised a bunch of money already. I mean, Mitch McConnell and his people are ruthless. She was going to have a really hard time anyway with Trump on the ballot in Kentucky. And this kind of mistake, they’re just rubbing their hands together over there."

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