Biden: ‘Donald Trump Has Absolutely Corroded Our Country’s Credibility’

‘Trump has taken a battering ram to the NATO alliance’


BIDEN: “And Donald Trump has absolutely corroded our country’s credibility. You know, in the conduct of American foreign policy and especially times of crisis, the president of the United States' word, his or her word, is the single most valuable asset the country has. By pulling out of treaty after treaty, reneging on policy after policy, walking away from America’s responsibilities, and lying about matters big and small, this president has bankrupted America’s word in the world at the moment. He has — I don’t know how to say it. He’s alienated us from the very democratic allies we need most. Trump has taken a battering ram to the NATO alliance. He treats it like it’s some kind of American-run protection racket. He just doesn’t get it. I really don’t think he gets it.”

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