Biden: We Believe in Freedom of Religion, That’s Why I’ll End the Muslim Ban

‘I’ll reverse Trump’s detrimental asylum policies’


BIDEN: "To that end, as president, I will take decisive steps to renew our American values by returning transparency to our government. We believe in freedom of religion. That’s why I’ll end the Muslim ban. We believe in free speech. That’s why I will end the gag rule, the global gag rule that prevents money from getting to NGOs who even talk about family planning. We believe in the power of free press. That’s why I’ll return immediately to  daily press briefings in the White House, the State Department, and the Defense Department. We are a nation of immigrants. But President Trump took those words, those literal words, 'nation of immigrants', out of the statement, the mission statement of our citizenship and immigration services. I’ll restore those words. It matters.”

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