James Lankford: I Don’t Think Acosta Should Resign

‘No, I don’t think he should resign’


LANKFORD: “No, I don’t think he should resign. I think we should allow the Department of Justice to do their investigation and the background work on this. What I’m disappointed at is so much of the coverage in the last, really, 48 hours on every network has been about President Trump and Acosta as Labor Secretary, and we've not really spent a lot of time talking about these girls that were abused in the process and trafficked, and about Epstein and what the horrific acts that he really did. So this is a horiffic crime. When you keep the focus on it, it being a horrific crime, let the Department of Justice do their investigation, they're now in their second investigation. Obviously, what happened in Florida a decade ago and now in New York, to be able to finish this out with new additional witnesses, let that go and let’s get this person prosecuted and get to the process, and get justice to folks and then allow that investigation to go forward and to go back and review what happened ten years ago. I think it's appropriate, but the focus needs to be on those kids specially and actually getting justice to them.”

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