Scarborough Goes After GOP Congress: ‘Toxic Mix’ of Iran Letter and Netanyahu ‘Stupid’

‘There’s something about those two actions in tandem, together, a couple of weeks apart, that I must agree with a lot of really smart writers at ... the New York Times’

Scarborough Goes After Republican Congress: ‘Toxic Mix’ of Iran Letter and Netanyahu ‘Stupid’ (Mediaite)

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough conceded Monday morning that the “one-two punch” of the House GOP’s Benjamin Netanyahu invitation and Senator Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) letter to Iranian leadersdisparaging the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations was a little much in the aggregate.

“If you just asked me about Netanyahu, I’d say ‘It’s happened before. He can show up,’” the former legislator said. “If you ask me about the letter, taken apart, I go, ‘You know what? Freshmen do stuff like that. It was stupid.’”

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