CNN’s Mattingly: ‘Anyone with a Pulse’ Can Understand It’s Been a ‘Difficult Week’ for Dems

‘Speaker Pelosi gave the most forceful call for unity he’s seen since the Democrats have been in the majority’


MATTINGLY: “So you may have heard some laughter from the reporters when Mr. Jeffries said that, and that’s because anyone with a pulse who's been paying attention over the last two weeks understands that it’s been a difficult week for the House Democratic Caucus. And it’s also why, according to one member who was in the closed door Democratic Caucus meeting this morning, Speaker Pelosi gave this member what he called the most forceful call for unity he’s seen since the Democrats have been in the majority. And the reason why, obviously trying to put the last couple of weeks behind them, but also trying to almost wrangle in the entire caucus and the very different parts of the caucus before some very substantial issues they’re going to have to deal with. Just this week, they’re dealing with their defense policy bill. Progressive Democrats are upset that it spends too much money even though it's $20 billion less than what the administration wants, even though the administration has already threatened a veto for it. That puts them crosswise obviously with more moderate members.”

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