Peter Wehner: ‘Acosta Is Accused of Not Prosecuting a Sexual Predator, the President Is a Sexual Predator’

‘Shows you the moral world in which we live in’


WEHNER: "Well, they’re nowhere to be found. But they haven’t been anywhere to be found with Donald Trump. Remember the context of this. Secretary Acosta is accused of not prosecuting a sexual predator. The President is a sexual predator. Shows you the moral world in which we live in, just he was credibly accused of rape, the President, a couple weeks ago and it’s almost fallen off the radar screen. The woman who accused him told two people contemporaneously about it. There are two dozen women who have accused him of sexual assault. So we have a president who is a sexual predator. The idea that he would be offended, morally or ethically troubled by anything that Acosta did is not going to happen. And it is extraordinary, both the silence of the Republican Party, I mean, this happened a while ago. When they decided to hitch their wagon to Donald Trump and said that there was nothing that he was going to do or say that they were going to object to, they wrote their fate. And there’s no bottom with him and so there’s no bottom with them. And once upon a time this was a party that appointed itself as a party of family values."

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