Rep. DWS: Last Thing Alex Acosta Should Be Doing Is Protecting a Sexual Predator

‘He should resign or the president should fire him’


WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: “I’ve led an effort with my other colleagues to insist that the Justice Department have their independent Office of Inspector General do an investigation about the appropriateness of that non-prosecution agreement and for there to be consequences for all involved, including Acosta. And what they did was they sent it over to the office of professional responsibility, which has no accountability, because that line of authority goes right to the Attorney General, who is essentially functioning as the President’s personal lawyer, and his only interest is in protecting the President. So at this point, thanks to the really incredible investigative journalism by Julie K. Brown at 'The Miami Herald,' we know a lot more than we did when that confirmation hearing took place. There has been a massive spotlight shown on just how awful the results and the impact of this non-prosecution agreement was. Even if the President and his administration would say they didn’t really know as much as they should have when they first nominated him, now they do, and the last thing he should be doing is protecting a sexual predator — someone who allowed a sexual predator to nearly get off scot-free, and he should resign or the President should fire him. But this is not a person who should be at all responsible any longer for protecting the vulnerable. And again, the Secretary of Labor is responsible for enforcing the child labor laws and making sure that we go after human traffickers."

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