Swalwell Claims He Didn’t Break Promise to Give Up Congressional Seat

‘Our attorneys have told us that you could run for both’

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REPORTER: "Are you going to run for Congress?"
SWALWELL: "Yes. Yes."
REPORTER: "You answered earlier, when you announced your candidacy, that you wouldn't run for both."
SWALWELL: "I’d said that I wouldn’t seek both. Our attorneys had told us that you could run for both. That decision would not have come until December and that if we were still in it in December, I wouldn’t seek both. But, you know, the polls have had their way, so here we are in July. I’m excited, as I said, to continue this work. I’m going to leave here, I’m going to an immigration roundtable to address the border crisis which affects our district with so many migrants and their families coming here. So yes, I’m excited to do that work. And as I said, it’s not just running for re-election. It will be imminent issues like the work we have on the Judiciary Committee and Special Counsel Mueller coming before Congress next week."

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