Dave Rubin Agrees with Tucker: Dems Calling to Destroy ‘Offensive’ Art Is Acting Like the Taliban

‘Every historical figure is someone of their time, just like us’


RUBIN: “That’s the point. Every historical figure is someone of their time, just like us. The idea we are going to erase the past, you are right. To compare it to the taliban, to ices, it sounds over the top at some level but it’s what we are doing. There seems to be this movement by the Progressives that if you erase the past or if you change the nature of words, change the word “Owner” so when owner is no longer an owner, he’s a governor, that will somehow erase what slavery was. We see these things consistently happening and not only do they not erase the past, they make us unable to navigate the future because we cannot figure out where we were last time. That’s what we have to grapple with it I’d rather have honest conversations about these things than just destroy everything in the name of tolerance, or something like that.”

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