Durbin: Citizenship Question Will Cause Undercount

‘I would defy anyone in Washington to explain the position of the Trump administration when it comes to the census’


DURBIN: “The Department of Justice was ready to throw in the towel and say, 'That’s it. We're going to print the census forms as promised the first part of July.' And then came the President's tweet saying, 'That's fake news. We will insist on the question.' We now know why the real reason for putting the citizenship question on the census. To discourage Hispanic Americans from answering the questionnaire. Why would they be discouraged? For fear that the  Trump Administration would use that information to investigate their families and possibly deport one of their relatives. If you have a reduction of 5-10 percent answering the questions, ultimately means less money for our state but it could mean fewer people be counted for congressional districts."

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