Seth Moulton: ‘Everybody in America Needs Health Care, Because It Is a Human Right’

‘We should get there by doing what Obama wanted from the beginning, which is a public option’

RADDATZ: On the campaign trail, Moulton has opened up about his PTSD and seeking help, recognizing healthcare is a top issue for voters. But he differs with the Democrats in the race, calling for universal government insurance.

MOULTON: The bottom line is everybody in America needs health care, because it is a human right. But we should get there by doing what Obama wanted from the beginning, which is a public option, a sort of Medicare if you would like it, that competes against private health care plans. And so you have options, you have choices. And that competition will bring down prices, bring down prescription drug prices for everybody.

RADDATZ: You have talked about Bernie Sanders’ plan and compared it to the (inaudible), it’s not really alike, is that a fair comparison?

MOULTON: I think it’s fair comparison, or at least is it’s as close as we have in America today. And, you know, you saw on the debate stage was the Democratic Party just careening to the left, promising a bunch of free things, without any real strategy for getting these things done for the American people.

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