Remnick: For Dems Who Want To Vote for Hillary, Her Presser Was ‘Deflating’

‘It’s one thing for a politician to be stupid ... it’s quite another for a politician to feel that we’re stupid’

“It's one thing for a politician to be stupid, which Hillary Clinton is not. It's quite another for a politician to believe that we're stupid. And that is deflating. Look, a lot of people that I know, and myself included, are not likely to vote for a conservative Republican come 20 months from now.

But, you know, all of your readers are in that camp. And they want Hillary Clinton to be the best Hillary Clinton she can be in the absence of any competition in the Democratic Party, which is also think is a bad thing ...  Look at the Obama-Clinton race, you know, in 2008. That made both candidates a hell of a lot better, clearly.

So in the absence of competition, to have to see a deflating spectacle like we saw at that press conference—[crosstalk]-- just one second, it -- it just brings back a lot of bad memories and bad instincts on the part of the Clintons.”

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