Beto O’Rourke: ‘Not a Single Dime of Our Public Tax Dollars Can Go to Vouchers and Private Schools in This Country’

‘Republican, independent, or Democrat, we all believe in public schools’


O’ROURKE: “We're going to make sure that we invest in educator training, so national certification, our administration will pay for that, for every educator who wants to avail themselves of that, and we will ensure that we expand the Master Teacher Program so that those who invested so much of their lives in service to this country through those children that they served in those schools can also help to teach and mentor the next generation of educators. And I will tell you this, not only do I as a Democrat, not only do you understand, not a single dime of our public tax dollars can go to vouchers and private schools in this country — (cheers and applause) — but when we were in small town in Texas, Henrietta, Texas, listening to a Republican school teacher, she told me Beto, if you let Betsy DeVos take my public tax dollars, turn them into vouchers and send them to a private school, I will hunt you down, I will find you and I will hold you accountable, which tells me that Republican, independent, or Democrat, we all believe in public schools. “

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