Elizabeth Warren on Her Education Plans: We Can Cancel Student Loan Debt for 95 Percent of People

‘Pitch in two cents so every one of our kids has a chance to make it big’


WARREN: “Invest in our infrastructure so we have good, clean schools, state-of-the-art, for all of our kids. universal tuition-free technical school community college and four-year college for everybody who wants to get an education. (cheers and applause) And there's more. In that same two cents, we can make all of these investments plus we can cancel student loan debt for 95 percent of the people who have student loan debt. (cheers and applause) For me, this is about our values, this is about what we respect as a country. Are we a country that just wants to keep working better and better and better
for a thinner and thinner slice at the top, a country that says that top one tenth of one percent, 75,000 families, they got to keep it all, or a country that says you make it big, good for you, that's great, we celebrate it. But pitch in two cents so every one of our kids has a chance to make it big."

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