Jake Tapper Presses Mayor Pete About Massive Fundraising Haul: Are You the ‘Candidate of the Elite?’

‘Are you getting a lot of money from rich people?’


TAPPER: “I want to ask you about your impressive second quarter fundraising haul. You raised nearly $25 million in the second quarter, surpassing Vice President Biden, who has been in politics longer than you’ve been alive. But at the same time, latest CNN poll shows that after the first debate, you're still at about four or five percent. You were at four percent last time — five percent last time, four percent now, and it's pretty much the same number. But I guess it does prompt a question from a smart colleague of mine which is, if you have raised so much money but your support is still relatively shallow, you're still in the top five, but relatively shallow, does that mean that you are the candidate of the elite? Are you getting a lot of money from a lot of rich people, but not broadening your appeal?”

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