Swalwell: Trump’s Desire for Military Display on July 4th Is Not Appropriate; It’s Not Who We Are

‘It’s not who we are as Americans’


SWALWELL: "No. And again, it’s just not who we are as Americans. We don't thump our chests, put tanks in the streets, fly jets over the Mall to prove our strength. Our strength is in our values. And right now, when you look at our values, we’re way behind when it comes to taking care of the people who need it the most, particularly health care. And a friend of mine who is leading the charge, it's called I AM ALS, he's a 37-year-old with ALS, he tweeted a good point yesterday. He said, 'Mr. President, why don’t we devote the millions of dollars you’re spending on this to try to find cures and expand access to cures for more people?' There’s so many better places this money could be spent."

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