‘Free Beacon’ Montage: MSNBC Is Obsessed with the Idea of ‘GOP Overreach’

‘Do they run the risk of overreach?’

MSNBC Is Overplaying Its Hand (Washington Free Beacon)

It didn’t take long for MSNBC to unveil one of its favorite talking points in response to Hillary Clinton’semail scandal at the State Department.

Wednesday, the day after a grisly press conference where Clinton tried to answer for deleting thousands of emails and why she had a personal server in the first place, host Alex Wagner posed a question the network loves when Democrats are in tight spots.

“To the Trey Gowdy part of the equation, there is a danger here for Republicans which is a frequent danger, that of overplaying their hand,” she said. “The fact that Trey Gowdy has said before Secretary Clinton’s testimony has even begun that he may need to talk to her twice, is he at risk of overstepping here?”

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