CNN Panel Rips Trump Jr. for ‘Racist’ Tweet Questioning if Kamala Harris Is African-American

Ryan: ‘President Trump began his political career with birtherism’


RYAN: “Eerily familiar, isn't it? President Trump began his political career with birtherism and that gave him basically the Oval Office. He began that way and now his son is trying to throw this at another black person who is of mixed race, but who was born in this nation. No one questions President Trump when he talks about his father was born in Germany or even Ted Cruz. But let’s get back to this. Kamala Harris is a threat to this White House because she is a black woman. This President has a problem with strong black women or black women, period. End of story. And then watching her in those debates, Kamala Harris showed that, as the young people say, the clap back. She had a clap back. When she went after Joe Biden, and she definitely showed in this first round of debates that she could stand toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and give him what she — what he gives her. So she is a threat to them in more ways than one.”

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