Ramesh Ponnuru: ‘The Trump Reelection Campaign Had a Very Good Week’ as a Result of the Dem Debates

‘The frontrunner Joe Biden got dinged in the debate’


PONNURU: "Well, I think that the Democrats right now, the candidates are not concentrating on swing voters. They’re not concentrating certainly on persuadable Republicans, and the process of winning the primaries may be pushing them too far to the left on some issues. Look, I think the — the Trump reelection campaign had a very good week, not because of anything the President did, but the front-runner Joe Biden got dinged in the debate, three of his top rivals came out for outlying the kind of health insurance that 200 million Americans rely on. They are — they are on a — in a race to the left on immigration. All of these things are going to make people who don’t necessarily love everything that the President does think, 'I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this other side.'"

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