Chuck Todd: ‘Biden Is on Defense’ After the Debate; Kamala Harris ‘Punctured His Aura of Inevitability’

‘We learned that Kamala Harris’ big viral moment proved she was worthy of the hype’


TODD: “Now to this week’s big political news and what we think we learned from the two nights of democratic presidential debates. We think we learned the party’s center of gravity or at least the candidates believe the party’s center of gravity has moved sharply to the left, especially on issues like health care and immigration. We learned that Kamala Harris’ big viral moment proved she was worthy of the hype. We learned that Joe Biden has no path to this nomination. He still has to earn it. We also should learn to be cautious about putting too much stock into the social media analysis and Twitter chatter post-debate. Realize this, 64% of people who watch the debates on television were 55 or older. That’s not exactly the social media Progressive demographic. And those older viewers may be more sympathetic to Biden. Most of all, we learned that this nomination battle is wide open with no prohibitive in a party trying to decide exactly how far to the left it wants to go.”

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