DNC Chair Slams Trump: ‘No Doubt About It in My Mind that This Is the Most Corrupt President in American History’

‘He has a cabinet that has a culture of corruption’


PEREZ: "What voters want to hear, where I’ve been going across the country. Number one, we have a constitutional obligation to do oversight, there's no doubt about it, there's no doubt about it in my mind that this is the most corrupt president in American history. And he has a cabinet that has a culture of corruption. And there’s no doubt in my mind either, that the only way to remove Donald Trump is at the ballot box on November 3rd of 2020. And so, we can and we must continue to do that oversight and we will. And we must also communicate to the voters what is our vision of an America that works for them? How are we going to have their back? Elections are about the future, and I think people saw the last two nights where every candidate talking about the issues that are animating people, the issues that keep people up at night. Health care is the number one issue in this country. And the differences are 100 percent between the Republicans and Democrats."

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