Biden Campaign National Co-Chairman Tries to Explain that Biden Didn’t Flip-Flop on the Hyde Amendment

‘I do get to finish and I was explaining his position on the Hyde Amendment’


RICHMOND: "I do get to finish and I was explaining his position on the Hyde Amendment. He said he’s always been for a woman’s right to choose, a meaningful right to choose. So when you see a states attack a woman’s right to choose and the men, which they do all around the country right now, the fact that poor women can’t make that choice because now instead of being able to drive 20 miles to have a procedure you have to drive 2,000 miles or 200 miles. And so where the Hyde Amendment began to substantially affect a woman’s right to choose, if you’re poor you can’t make that choice. And when he saw that the Hyde Amendment was a barrier to women having a meaningful right to choose, he said, I can’t keep that position because I believe that every woman should have that choice. So I think it’s consistent with his philosophy. Look, we can always pretend that the world is the way we want it to be, but I think it’s a leadership when you take the world the way it is and them you make a decision accordingly. So, in this climate I think his reversal on the Hyde Amendment was in line with his beliefs because he wants to make sure that every woman has a right to make whatever choice and control her body. So I think it was consistent."

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