Meghan McCain Shreds Eric Swalwell for ‘Ageist Crap’ Against Biden: ‘Take a Seat! You’re an Asterisk on the End’

‘Eric Swalwell with this ageist crap, I hate it’


MCCAIN: "Did he have the greatest night he's ever had debating?"
BEHAR: "No."
MCCAIN: "No. Did it change my opinion of him? No. But what I will say is Eric Swalwell with this ageist crap, I hate it. I work with women of all ages. I want experience and people who know how Washington works and who have served and have a life and experience that they can bring to the White House, whoever that is. I thought Pete Buttigieg looked real young last night and real green. And Eric Swalwell, take a seat, as you said, you’re an asterisk on the end. OK?" (Cheering and Applause)

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