Harris: If Not for Brown v. Board, I Would Not Be Sitting Here as a Senator and a Presidential Candidate

‘If the Supreme Court had not decided it I would not be sitting here as a member of the United States Senate’


HARRIS: "Joe, you’re right to talk about the trajectory of this issue. And so if — so to have a comprehensive conversation about it, I think we need to talk about 1954 and the significance of Brown V Board of Education, which if the Supreme Court had not decided it, I would not be sitting here as a member of the United States Senate and as a serious candidate for the president of United States. Okay. Many people will argue credibly that when Brown V Board of Education was decided and then busing followed, which is, this is the way we’ll integrate schools, that was the beginning of also flight by certain families from public schools. You fast-forward to today, that’s why one of my issues is about what we need to do to pay teachers their value. Because over the course of that period of time, we have also devalued and pulled resources from public education in America. So, yes, you still see segregation in schools, but this time it’s really also about socioeconomic status of families. The families that can afford to put their kids in private schools do because the resources are there for a better education often, teachers are paid better. So that’s why one of my proposals that I’m very proud of is to say, 'Let’s pay teachers their value,' and I’m prepared as president to actually put the first federal investment in closing the teacher pay gap in America, which is significant."

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