Tucker on Julian Castro Fighting for Trans Women’s Right to Choose: ‘Lunacy’ To Think Biological Males Can Get Pregnant

‘It’s impossible’


CARLSON: "And so they cheered. Behold, late empire liberalism in full flower. Who exactly is the constituency for Castro’s idea? Men dressed as women who get pregnant. That's the constituency. Unfortunately, there are precisely zero people on planet Earth who fit that description. Not a single person, actually. There never have been any people like that. There never will be any people like that. Why? Because it’s impossible. Biological men cannot get pregnant. Pretending otherwise is lunacy. The very definition of lunacy. But Julian Castro doesn’t care. Taxpayer-funded transgender abortion sounds like something that all good progressives should support. So Castro fervently does. And critically, he knows that nobody in the room will defend science or pause to ask him, what the hell are you talking about? They can’t say a word. They're are too intimidated. They know HR is watching. So they nod like monkeys as if everything he's saying is completely sane. Good point, Mr. Secretary, trans female shouldn't have to pay for their own abortions. That’s racist. The whole thing was like a cartoon, or a novel. It went on like this all night."

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