Biden Adviser Symone Sanders : Bipartisanship Seems Like a Radical Concept in This Day and Age

‘I think what Joe Biden is doing is making a very transformational argument’


SANDERS: "I think, frankly, I think what Joe Biden is doing is making a very transformational argument. Bipartisanship seems like a radical concept in this day and age, Chuck, and I don’t know how folks think we're going to get anything done if folks can’t work across the aisle, if you don’t have a plan on how to pay for things. Those are things you’re going to hear Vice President Biden articulate tonight on the stage. He's going to tell you that he got into the race — Trump was, yes, the tipping point, if you will, for him getting in in 2020 when he saw neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville marching and the President, Donald Trump, saying there were good people on both sides of that rally. So you’re going to hear him talk about that and articulate his vision for America."

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