Nicolle Wallace Claims the Media ‘Hate’ Hillary Clinton the Most

‘More than my party. They hate her’

Huh? ABC's Nicolle Wallace: Media 'Hate' Hillary Clinton (NewsBusters)

According to View co-host Nicolle Wallace, supposedly the "conservative" voice on the show, members of the media "hate" Hillary Clinton more than Republicans do. On Wednesday, Wallace offered this bewildering analysis of the likely 2016 Democratic candidate: "The media, they hate her the most, okay? More than my party. They hate her."  

This prompted laughter from the studio audience. Wallace continued, "They have Clinton PTSD from the last Clinton presidency. They are done with her." Wallace has been all over the map when it comes to Clinton, as well as this scandal. On October 23, 2014, the former Republican operative endorsed her presidential run, saying, "I'm a huge fan."

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