Beto O’Rourke: Can’t Have ‘Cash Reparations’ Until Everyone ‘Understands’ History of Slavery

‘I think every single American needs to know the full story of this country’


O'ROURKE: "I think part of the problem is that not everybody knows that story. And in a democracy, unless you have the political will to take a very tough step, you’re not going to be able to do it. I reached out to Bryan Stevenson, someone who I really respect on this issue and asked him what’s the best path forward. And he directed my attention to the memorial to those who have suffered under our system in this country in Montgomery, Alabama. And he said stories like these need to be told in every single community so that you form the consciousness and the will to be able to take the important steps necessary. Sheila Jackson Lee, former colleague of mine from Texas, has introduced legislation that would do this, that would begin this process of national healing by making sure that all of us understand our true national story. So I think those are the important first steps for us to take to make sure that we get to repair and reparation."

(Via Breitbart)


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