Trump Impeachment Advocate Tom Steyer Slams Hannity-Manafort Texts: Sounds Like ‘Mobsters on a TV Show’

‘He surrounded himself and his administration and his advisers with people who are criminals’


STEYER: "Look, I think what we’ve seen is that we have a president who is clearly guilty. He surrounded himself and his Administration and his advisers with people who are criminals and they are then constructing their defense knowing that they’re guilty trying to figure out how to basically beat the rap. And that is the kind of conversation and the kind of planning that you would expect from mobsters on a TV show. So that’s actually what we’re seeing. We are seeing a deliberate attempt by the President to obstruct justice in plain view, having been basically shown by the Mueller report to have obstructed justice virtually from his first day in office. And we’re seeing more of it. It’s widespread. It’s absolutely wrong."

(Via Mediaite)

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