‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Trump Rally ‘Victimhood’ with Montage of ‘Pity Party’ Complaints

‘He’s running for president of the United States for reelection fuelled by resentment’


SCARBOROUGH: “There’s a real, Mika, a real culture of victimhood here that -- that Republicans used to mock, roundly, but Donald Trump now is the one who’s claiming he’s the victim, even claiming that it would be over 50 percent but for Robert Mueller when in fact, he was at 38 percent before Robert Mueller began his investigation.”
BARNICLE: “You know, the interesting thing about Trump, maybe one of the few interesting things about Trump, is that if you look at who he really is and where he has come from across all the years, it’s this city, New York City, where he was always excluded from everything important; the dinner parties, the meetings, the social gatherings, regarded as a buffoon, a clown, an outsider. So here he was in New York City all these years, seething with resentment. And guess what? He’s now president of the United States running for reelection on what is his basic core promise or premise to the people. It’s resentment. He’s running for president of the United States for reelection fueled by resentment.”

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