MSNBC Guest: ‘What We’re Doing Now’ on the Border ‘Very Cleanly’ Matches Nazi Concentration Camps

‘What we’re doing now fits very cleanly inside that tradition’


PITZER: “I would say that for 40 years before Auschwitz, we had concentration camps, things that were called concentration camps. What we’re doing now fits very cleanly inside that tradition. At the same time, the death camps, which were on top of the existing concentration camp system, including Auschwitz and a series of other camps in which you had gas chambers, mass killings, that is a singular moment in history. And for the people who want to respect that, I think that’s fine and that’s important. If we want to call it irregular detention, if we want to call it extrajudicial detention, I don’t think we have to get stuck on that term. I wrote a history of the term. I had to use that term. And what I would really like people to know is the same thing is happening here now.”

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