Cenk Uygur Says Trump Tweeted Young Turks Video Because ‘I’m on CNN’ and ‘Crazy Bernie’s Kicking Your Ass!’

‘Crazy Bernie’s kicking your ass by 12 points’


UYGUR: "OK. My God, imagine if, during the campaign, if I’m on TV all the time, TV that he’s watching? Oh, I’m gonna get under his orange skin so bad. That loser, man, I’m going to go after him like no one’s ever gone after him. And so that's going to be wonderful. But the larger reason is, the polling came out and he’s getting shellacked by the two leading Democratic candidates. Both Biden, and Sanders now has a bigger league than Biden does against Donald Trump. So Trump’s like, ‘Oh socialist, crazy Bernie,’ well Crazy Bernie’s kicking your ass by 12 points. He actually has the biggest lead against Donald Trump. Why? A populist that actually wants to help people and raise their wages, and isn’t full of crap like Donald Trump. So that’s the real danger, and that’s why he’s panicked and sending out these nostalgia videos about 2016 because it looks like 2020 is going to be pretty bleak for him.”

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