NBC’s Bill Neely: The Iran Deal Is on ‘Life Support’

‘Iran’s president saying to the Europeans time is running out to save this deal’


NEELY: "Hi, Kasie. It is a blunt warning, and they issued it at the Arak Nuclear Plant. So pretty blunt messaging to the rest of the world. I think if they do follow through, the deal is all but dead. And it is, frankly, on life support. At the moment, the U.S. has pulled out Iran today, not threatening that it will break the deal but that it could. It’s saying it’s producing so much uranium at such dramatically increased levels that in ten days’ time, it will reach the limit of the deal and it could potentially go through that limit after June the 27th. The Europeans, of course, well, they were supposed to deliver benefits to Iran from this deal. And quite frankly, they haven’t been able to do that.” 

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