‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Defend Outgoing Sarah Sanders from Media ‘Venom’: She Got ‘Nasty Treatment’

‘Don’t they get tired of this?’


BILA: "What I love about her, though, is her reaction. She doesn't seem offended, she's just, like, you know what, I’m here to do a job, I don’t care about what you people have to say about me." 

HEGSETH: "I don’t want to go to your parties."

BILA: "Yeah, I don’t really care about being liked by you. But it's interesting to see the reaction. Take a look at The Washington Post Instagram. This is what it says. 'The Queen of gaslighting. Farewell to a lying, disrespectful White House press secretary."

HENRY: "The venom, it's just — you see the venom."

(Via Mediaite)

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