Kimmel: Trump Honestly Doesn’t Know What Collusion Is

‘He’s incredible’


KIMMEL: "He’s incredible. He honestly doesn’t seem to know what collusion is. All he knows is he didn’t do it. But he would do it, because why not? Who cares what the guy he hired to be the head of the FBI thinks about it? And here’s another question: Why doesn’t George Stephanopoulos have a chair? The president is sitting, he’s standing over the desk like the IT guy or something. The President’s comments about collusion didn’t go over well with Democrats or even a few Republicans. There were more calls for impeachment hearings today. He basically invited the Russians to interfere with our election again. Even Trump seemed to know this was bad. He was playing defense this morning, trying to make adjustments to what he said. He wrote, 'I meet and talk to foreign governments every day. I just met with the queen of England. the Prince of Whales, the PM of the United Kingdom, the PM of Ireland, the President of France, the President of Poland, we talked about everything.' And yes, he spelled Wales with an 'H', which means the President may be in contact with Aquaman for all we know. Today was one of the worst days PR-wise for quite some time for Team Trump."

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