MSNBC: Source Says Trump’s Internal Polling ‘Worrisome’

‘They have been advising the president to focus on the others’


ALEXANDER: "Yeah, you know Andrea, I think you’re exactly right. And what struck me in my conversations with some of the president's allies, one that I have within the last couple of hours is that they who have been advising the president to focus on some of these others. This source said to me talk about Elizabeth Warren’s recent rise, talk about Bernie Sanders, they view those other candidates as ones they have a better shot at beating as this source described it to me, by talking about Joe Biden not only are we elevating him but we’re doing for Biden exactly what we benefited by in 2016. Giving him all that free publicity they said the Trump campaign won just a couple of years ago by getting $1 billion in free media, why would we give that away?"

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