Kellyanne Conway: ‘Those Polls Were Done by the Same People Who Got 2016 So Backwards’

‘And never saw the Trump presidency and his election coming’


WELKER: "Kellyanne, we woke up to these polls, which show a number of the top Democratic candidates beat President Trump. Why do you think that is? Is he vulnerable?"
CONWAY: "Oh, those polls were done by the same people who got 2016 so backwards and never saw the Trump presidency and his election coming. We kept having the candidates that Trump and Pence go to the swing states in the Rust Belt area that President Obama carried twice with over 50 percent of the vote and Hillary Clinton could never get 50 percent of the vote and yet in those state they had elected Republican statewide for Senate and for governor. That was our plan. I was on TV every single day, including this network, going through that plan as it was happening. What I would say about yesterday, though, it looks like a split screen, but it truly is not. Because only one of them is the president.”

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